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Version: 7.0.5
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Seesaw Learning

Seesaw is a learning app that is being used by most of the schools in the United States on a daily basis. More than 100,000 schools have implemented this application in their daily regime, making the overall education process much smoother. Seesaw makes the learning process easier by connecting teachers directly to students. Teachers are free to upload assignments, notes, and homework to the Seesaw classroom. After this, the Students are given the choice to download all files or complete the homework straight from the Seesaw application. Seesaw has gained most of its users after the Covid-19 outbreak.

With more than 100 million downloads, Seesaw is arguably the most popular educational tool in the world. It supports both iOS and Android mobile operating devices. Windows Phone users also have the opportunity to use this amazing app by going to the official Microsoft Store. Seesaw maintains a high rating of 4.1 on the Google Play Store with more than 17,000 unique user reviews. However, these numbers alone do not reflect the popularity of this app, because most of the downloads happen on the official website of Seesaw. However, you are free to click the download button located on this page in order to get started.

Main Features

Remote Learning – With the Coronavirus outbreak hitting its peak, there is no other choice but to switch to the remote learning process, and most of the schools in the United States are taking full advantage of this situation with the Seesaw platform. This app lets every student access all necessary tools for remote learning. Teachers have advanced profiles that let them download, upload, and edit the students’ homework straight from within the application. Students are also free to use the tools provided by the Seesaw app in order to finish their assignments.

Family Connections – Families can also sign up for separate accounts with Seesaw. This is done because parents often need to be included in the education process of their children. Connecting families has never been easier. The Seesaw app lets every parent gain insights into their kid’s education process. They can also give the students important notes while helping them complete the homework. Communicating with teachers is another great thing for parents.

Device Support – This app stands out from other similar applications because it has support for web, mobile devices, tablets, and even Amazon Kindle. It does not matter which device is your kid using, there is a high chance it will be supported by the Seesaw app. Also, please note that the Seesaw app is pretty lightweight and does not take a lot of space on any device. Furthermore, the registration process is pretty straightforward on every device, making the overall signing up experience much smoother.


All in all, the Seesaw app is a perfect tool that makes the education process much simpler in today’s world. If you are locked in a house but would like to keep learning at a regular pace, your best bet is to download the Seesaw app right now. In order to get started, please click the download button located on this page.