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Version: Varies by device
Author: Lyft, Inc.
Varies by device
Lyft, Inc.


For reasons well know Lyft had to stop all temporarily in California. Lyft used to classify their employees as individual contractors. Thus, gaining unlawful profit and breaking several laws.


Unlike a regular Taxi or Bus, Lyft lets you get a cheap lift in a matter of minutes. No more waiting for buses and taxies. Just download Lyft and order a car. After that, a nearby driver will come to pick you up. The owner of Lyft promised its customers that all of their drivers are DMV passed. Passengers are able to rate the drive, as well as the driver. You also have the ability to browse through numerous drivers and pick them by their ratings.

Lyft is said to be faster and cheaper than both buses and taxies. The application itself is pretty easy to use. Only with a few button clicks on your phone you can download and install Lyft. It makes each and every ride very comfortable.

How Does Lyft Work?

  • Requesting a ride: It's pretty easy, the only thing you need to do is allow the application to access your GPS/Location.
  • Getting a ride: You will be able to choose a specific driver from nearby Lyft cars.
  • Payment: The payment process takes place only after you have been driven to your destination.
  • Rating: After the ride is over, you have the ability to rate the ride as well as a driver.


  • The application is VERY easy to download and install.
  • All drivers are DMV passed.
  • You can visually track every driver and see their info.
  • Drivers are very quick & communicative.
  • An after payment is done to ensure the clients' safety.
  • Driver ratings come only from their customers.


  • Sometimes the driver is unable to see you on their visual map.
  • In rush hour the rates go up much higher than usual.
  • If the driver rates you poorly, you will be shown fewer cars from Lyft.

Client Reviews:

"Lyft cars always arrive on time and take me to my destinations very quickly and safely. Nearly all of their drivers prefer to use the highway and it makes me feel kinda safe. Me and my family tend to use Lyft for everyday driving. I use it alone, with my spouse, with my children. All because I know that it's safe and no harm will come our way. Most employees are very friendly and love to chat on the road. This also makes a nice, comfortable driving experience. Another good thing is that the drivers take their work very seriously: They drive slowly, always ask me questions about my destination to make sure that we arrive at the correct place." As you can see nearly every Lyft customer is satisfied.


If you are a busy individual and do not own a car (or it is too expensive), Lyft is a perfect fit for you. Both the ordering and paying processes are very smooth and simple. There has not been even one complaint about unsafe experiences when it comes to Lyft drivers.