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The latest version of Google Chrome app was released . Here are some of the new features and improvements:

  • New safety features: Chrome has added a number of new safety features, including:

    • Enhanced Safe Browsing: This feature helps to protect you from malicious websites and downloads.
    • Password Checkup: This feature checks your passwords against known data breaches to help you keep your accounts secure.
    • Privacy Dashboard: This feature gives you a centralized view of your privacy settings and helps you to manage your privacy preferences.
  • Improved performance: Chrome has been optimized for speed and performance. You should notice that Chrome starts up faster, loads pages more quickly, and uses less memory.

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements: Chrome has also fixed a number of bugs and improved stability.

In order to keep everything organized, the Google Chrome browser allows its users to remove and also expand opened tabs.

Chrome has added a new QR code feature that can generate free QR code for free via text messages.

Chrome has implemented yet another feature called "fast page". These pages will contain favorite links which will be recommended. The labels will be picked according to page speed, visit count, and load time.

In an old Chrome 85, if you click on a link and hold it for a few times you will be able to tell whether the link qualifies for a fast page or not.


Google designed the Chrome browser and made it more popular compared to Opera, Edge, and even Firefox. You have an amazing page load speed both on your personal computer and smartphone. Its amazing how much quicker Google Chrome is on mobile devices. Chrome has a good reputation when it comes to maintaining speed and links. Needless to say, it does not freeze or collapse. The desktop version is pretty fast on PC, but, on mobile, it is much faster and has lots of features like voice search, voice commands, and a smooth interface.


Easy to access bookmarks bar. You are free to bookmark any link (even in incognito mode), organize, and name it. If you are a person with lots of interests, this function is just for you. You can look up different resources and pin them on the bookmark bar. Google Chrome will also save your cookies and browsing history, thus, recommending the best material for your browsing pleasure. You can also retrieve lost passwords and private information via a Gmail account.

Settings customization made easy. After you download Chrome, go ahead and head to the settings menu to customize your browser according to your needs. Users can also add apps, extensions, and addons. Chrome themes are changeable, which is another good feature of Googles design.

Fast browsing. Do you like to operate in your browser at a lightning speed? If so, Chrome is a perfect fit for you. You can browse, load, download, and bookmark anything you like in just a matter of seconds.

Easy to use interface. Chrome is striving to make the browsing process smoother. Google developer team believes that searching for websites in search engines is a waste of time. Thus, implementing a new, simple design that can fit everyones needs. First, you have the bookmarks bar, then you can hop over to settings and bookmark link groups with one click.

Security and protection. For most people, it is a nightmare to lose personal information. Chrome has built-in features that often warn you before visiting a suspicious website. Phishing being a big thing today, Google strives to add more security options to Chrome in order to protect its users. Google Chrome also has an incognito browsing feature. This way, your information cannot be traced from the main account.