PDF Reader

PDF Reader
Price: Free
Version: 6.5
Author: pickwick santa
pickwick santa

PDF Reader is one of the most used tools when it comes to viewing PDFs. Not only view, but you can also edit, and create various documents, books, and so forth. This application was launched back in the 2000s but still maintains its popularity due to awesome features. The PDF Reader tool supports all kinds of formats and can turn different documents into PDF files pretty easily. The only thing you need to do to make full use of this feature is to download the latest APK provided on this page.

PDF Reader supports both Android and iOS supported devices. You can download this application both from Apple, and Google Play stores. It maintains a high rating of 4.2 on Google Play Store with more than 340,000 user reviews. We took the liberty of skimming through the comments, and as it turns out, the application is widely loved by all of its users.

Main Features

Editable background – The white background quickly gets old, however, this application has a feature that will let you change the background color in a few seconds. You can choose from multiple colors, as well as pre-designed background templates. Needless to say, all of these features are completely free to use and implement.

Dictionary support – This feature is widely loved by all of the writers that are using the PDF Reader app on a daily basis. Have you ever written a page, and had to go back to correct all mistakes? Well, this app includes auto-correct tools and knows just about any word. This means that if you don’t get a specific sentence right, the PDF Reader app will automatically correct it.

Page-turning animation – What a nice feature! If you are tired of old-fashioned scrolling, you can choose to set up an animation that turns the pages beautifully. There are hundreds of different templates for this feature, which means you will be able to find your favorite animation quickly. Granted, some of these animations make the phone bug, but how long can it take a page to load?

Customizable styles – Did you know that you can add an external CSS to customize the styles inside the PDF Reader app? If you are going to do such a thing, you better know what you are doing, because it is very easy to mess up the interface, which will take a lot of work to fix.

Simple interface – I cannot stress this enough when I say that this app features the simplest interface I have ever seen. I love simplistic-looking apps, and PDF Reader is one of them. However, if you love a rich outlook, you can dig deep into the settings, and customize it according to your needs.


It does not matter what phone you are using, PDF Reader has support for all operating systems. Granted, it works better with Android, and iOS phones, but even if you are a Windows phone user, you still have the chance to download this app from your store. In order to get the latest APK, please click the download button located on this page.