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Varies with device
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Hotstar is a video streaming application developed solely for Indian users. This app features movies, TV shows, sports shows, and Hotstar specials in seven Indian languages. If you are an Indian citizen, chances are you already have access to this awesome program. However, for those who are willing to find out, please note that Hotstar services are not free, you will be required to pay a monthly fee of $9,99 in order to gain access to Hotstar’s content. We dug around the internet to find reviews, and as it turns out, 10 dollars is not a great amount of money for such awesome services.

Hotstar is a free app developed by Hotstar LLC. It supports both Android and iOS mobile operating platforms. Windows Phone users also have the opportunity of downloading this app by going to the official Microsoft Store. Hotstar maintains a high rating of 4.0 on the Google Play Store with more than 8.8 million unique user reviews. With more than 500 million downloads, Hotstar is definitely the hottest video streaming app in all of India. We have skimmed through the comments, and could not find instances where users reported heavy bugs or major fixes.

Main Features

Movies & TV Shows – With a large collection of Indian movies, all users can enjoy thousands of hours of streaming content from Hotstar. Please note that all content distributed by the Hotstar network is provided in 7 Indian languages, making the overall watching process much smoother. Hotstar also includes a huge database of Indian TV shows. You will certainly not get bored with these services if you are heavily into TV shows.

Sports Shows – Truth be told, Indian channels mainly focus on cricket, but there are also other sports featured on the Hotstar network. If you are a fan of cricket, football, or even basketball, this subscription service will greatly satisfy you. However, if you struggle to find time for live matches, you can simply enjoy summaries, or take a quick look at the scores.

News – There are many news channels featured on the Hotstar network. Some of them include Polimer News, Asianet News, Republic TV, and so forth. If you would like to stay up to date with all current events, the Hotstar network will do a perfect job. However, please note that not all news shows are distributed in 7 Indian languages.

4K Quality – The Hotstar network features all of its content in 4K quality, which means that you will be able to enjoy movies and TV shows in high definition. However, please note that in order to make full use of this feature, your TV must also support 4K streaming.


All in all, the Hotstar network provides arguably the most popular streaming services in India. If are an Indian citizen and still have not acquired this application, you are greatly missing out. In order to get started, please click the download button located on this page and follow the instructions. We always try to upload the latest APK files for our users.