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Waze App 5.68.0: New Features and Improvements

Waze, the popular navigation app, has released a new version of its app with a number of new features and improvements. The latest version, 5.68.0, includes a live map with more information about traffic, a carpool feature, and ETA sharing.

Live map: The live map now shows more information about traffic, including incidents, construction, and road closures. You can also see how busy roads are, and get ETAs for different routes.

Waze Carpool: This new feature allows you to carpool with other Waze users. You can see who is available to carpool with you, and get real-time ETAs for your carpool.

ETA Sharing: You can now share your ETA with friends and family. This is a great way to let them know when you’ll be arriving, and to avoid any last-minute surprises.

If you’re a Waze user, be sure to update your app to the latest version to take advantage of these new features and improvements.

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This update took place on 21st September 2020. With this update, Waze provided a big surprise for Comic book fans. Waze added 2 major characters of the DC Universe Batman and The Riddler for the optional navigation voices. However, this feature will be limited and you will only be available to use it until October 31

  • 1) Open the application
  • 2) Open the side menu bar
  • 3)"Drive with the Riddler"
  • 4) Choose the sides
  • 5) Set the options of the app as you want

In an earlier update, which was on 14th September 2020 Waze brought out a new feature, which allows you to send directions from your PC to your phone.

The third and probably the biggest and probably the most important update of the application came up on July 20, 2020. The city of Pittsburgh will provide the awaze app with real-time traffic data, with the driver's personal information being secured. Sharing real-time traffic data will improve the traffic flow and it will help the app approximately detect the roads, which in a few minutes (future) will be full of traffic jams.


Waze is a navigation app, which provides real-time traffic information for drivers and it is perfect for big cities. It uses different voice commands, so you can choose the one comfortable for you. Google bought the Waze app in 2013.


Waze application's best feature is that it helps you navigate through the fastest route available, based on the information users have provided. You can also see where your friends are at any moment by adding them as friends in the app.


  • The biggest complaint against the Waze app is the messy layout of the maps. This gets worse in bigger areas, where a lot of icons pop up putting you in danger of a car accident.
  • Using the app and its' features
  • Using the Waze app is easy. First, you choose your vehicle type, then you choose the route, and based on the features we will be talking about after this, the app provides the navigation to your chosen location.


  • Real-time traffic shared data providing the fastest route possible.
  • Car accident tracker - the app has information about any of the car accidents happening around you, helping you avoid the traffic jam.
  • You can choose voice control and not waste any time using your hands.
  • Choosing the voice of your choice.
  • You can provide any type of information to the community through the app about the weather, road condition, and car accidents, which will help the users avoid "bad" routes.
  • Provides the information about the gas station (price, distance from you).
  • Collects the information about your past routes, so if you use it frequently there is a good chance it will update and find an even better option for you.
  • With the app being global, it can update you about driving in different cities. You will know which are better cities for driving.