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Walmart - Shopping & Grocery
Price: Free
Version: 7.27.0
Author: Walmart


Walmart is now reserving one hour per day to supply pickup orders for those who are at risk of coronavirus. This company announced that the pickup hour will be limited from 7 PM to 8 PM and will not lose a minute longer than one hour. Needless to say, people with disabilities will be given certain advantages, but Walmart advises every person to stay away from shopping these days. Anyhow, the lines will be limited to 60 people only, so, shop at your own risk.

Walmart has two apps, one is mainly used for exploring nearby pickup locations, and the other is for shopping. The later one, called Walmart Grocery was launched when the epidemic first struck. The team said that they were hoping Walmart Grocery would be deactivated by Summer, but it seems like this app will have to keep on functioning for the near future at least. Some people don’t even know about the existence of Walmart Grocery, so, for those in need, let us enlighten you.

The Walmart Grocery app lets you shop for different items at low prices, which will be sent straight to your home after the purchase is made. With new delivery features, the shopping process could not be easier. However, this only includes groceries, and for other items, you will have to go there in person and pick them up by hand.

Main Features

● Device Syncing – This is probably the best feature provided by the Walmart Grocery app. As a Walmart user, you have the possibility to create a shopping list on one device, and check out from another. For example, you can make a list on your personal computer, and complete the transaction on your mobile phone using the Walmart Grocery app.

● Customized Search – Users can search by different departments, item names, categories, and so forth. When it is so easy to get lost in the sea of information, a customized search is a perfect tool to implement in an app. Baked goods, organic food, fresh-produced food, and so forth. These are a little fraction of hundreds of categories included in the Walmart app.

● Customized Time – Shopping online is one thing, but did you know that with the Walmart Grocery app you can set a specific delivery time? For example, you can order food at 11 AM, and set the delivery time at 6 PM. As long as it’s not outside of Walmart’s working hours, the time can be customized according to your needs.

● No Fees – Of course, there is a fee of delivery included, but, other than that there are no hidden fees or in-app purchases. Walmart tries its best to keep the shopping costs low, and we must say they have succeeded.


If you are a Walmart shopper and would like to make the shopping process easier, there is no better way than downloading the Walmart Grocery app. Aside from the comfortable delivery system, you will not have to go out in public and expose yourself to the risk of getting infected.