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About Walmart

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Walmart needs no introduction, it is one of the largest shopping stores in the world. You can buy groceries, house items, medical stuff, and so forth. Walmart has developed an app that lets you access all the product information for free, making the shopping process much easier.


Walmart app helps you save money on items, get updated on sales, and receive different gifts such as gift cards, coupons, and so on. The main goal of this app is to help its users save money, thus improve their daily livelihood.

The Walmart app includes features that help you compare prices of different items, find nearest locations, and even make a shopping cart. You will be able to find any product on the Walmart shopping list, and buy it with a few clicks. The Walmart app makes your life easier by providing the best shopping service an app can offer.

Main Features

● Instant notifications – If there is a hot deal or a sale at Walmart, this app will update you immediately. For example, the Walmart app learns from your search history and recommends the most targeted deals. If you were searching for frying pans yesterday and did not find one that was suitable for your kitchen, the Walmart app will let you know if there is a sale on a specific item.

● Saving center – The Walmart app has a unique feature called Saving Center, which lets you acquire gift cards, coupons, and so forth. The more you shop, the higher chances of receiving a gift. Plus, you get a small gift after every purchase. Sadly, we are unable to tell what kind of gifts you will receive, because it all depends on what you buy, and how much money you spend.

● My store function – Search easily for the items listed in every store. Walmart has lots of locations, so it would be a waste of time if you visited each of them in search of a specific item. For example, if you are searching for a Japanese cutting knife, you can check your nearby location to see if they have it in-store. Furthermore, the Walmart app lets you find the nearest locations with the help of a detailed map.

● Weekly ads – This is why the Walmart app is so popular. Users are able to see weekly deals and hot sales just by going to the “Weekly Ads” category. It does not matter what you are looking for, Walmart will probably have a sweet deal on that item.

● Pharmacy storage – Walmart also has pharmacy items listed within the app. God forbid, if you feel like you are catching the flu, or need a medication quickly, you can open up the Walmart app, and see if a specific medication is in store.


If you are a Walmart user, this app is probably already installed on your phone. However, if you missed it somehow, we encourage you to download this app right now and check out weekly deals, and hot sales. In order to acquire a clean version of this app, click the download button located on this page.