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Here are the new features in the latest version of Lefun Health App for the blog post without the additional details section:

  • New sleep tracking feature: This feature uses advanced algorithms to track your sleep patterns and provide insights into your sleep quality.
  • Improved heart rate monitoring: The heart rate monitoring feature has been improved to provide more accurate readings.
  • New workout plans: A variety of new workout plans have been added, including plans for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users.
  • Redesigned user interface: The user interface has been redesigned to make it easier to use.

Lefun Health is a great app for monitoring your health, sleep schedule, workouts, and even diet. This app directly communicates with your SmartWatch, sending precise data straight to your device. To be more specific, if you want to make full use of this application, you will have to own a sports bracelet, otherwise called SmartWatch sometimes. These bracelets are provided by the Lefun Health company, and the app is also developed, and maintained by the same team.

Lefun Health is a free app that can be downloaded both from this page and Google Play Store. If you have an Android device, go ahead and click the download button located on this page. This app is pretty popular and maintains an average rating of 3.4 on the Google Play Store with more than 70,000 user reviews. We have skimmed through the comments, and as good as this app is, we found a few instances where users reported some minor bugs. However, the Lefun team is pretty quick to respond and is promising to fix everything with the new update.

Main Features

Monitor Your Sleep Schedule – This app lets you set alarm clocks, and all kinds of reminders to force you to go to sleep at a perfect time. Other than this, the Lefun Health app also monitors your sleep schedule by giving you the most precise data about your sleep activities. If you are wearing a bracelet during your sleep, this app will monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, and even tell you whether or not you are having a high-quality sleep.

Precise Exercise Data – This app is used to pair with sports bracelets, and needless to say, it is most widely used to monitor workout schedules. Go ahead and wear the bracelet during your workout, it does not matter if you are going for a run, or lifting weights, the Lefun Health app will still track your body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and even tell you how many calories you burn during these activities.

Measure Distance – This feature is probably used by bikers or marathon runners. The Lefun Health app has a perfect GPS integration and is able to pinpoint every location precisely. If you are going for a long run, set a destination point, and after you arrive the app will automatically tell you how much time you spend on getting there. You will also get precise information about how many calories you burnt, and so forth.

Compare Activities – If you are using this app on a daily basis, you will be able to compare activities easily. For example, if you went for a run both yesterday and today, the app will automatically create a graph in order to tell you whether you improved your time or not.


If you would like to monitor your health life, and own a sports bracelet on top of that, the Lefun Health app is a perfect choice for you. In order to get the latest APK, please click the download button located on this page.