Samsung Smart Switch Mobile

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile
Price: Free
Author: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Samsung introduced a new Smart Switch Mobile that allows you to transfer a variety of files to your Samsung device. Photos, music, documents, movies, contacts, and messages, you can transfer all of these in a matter of minutes.

Smart Switch has a wireless device transfers. You can transfer any kind of file without plugging it into any USB port. Smart Switch also recommends a wide variety of similar apps on the Google Play Store.

Files on your device or SD card can be both transferred and scanned. If you want to know more details about this amazing product, visit the official website, download the official version, and enjoy a smooth transaction between your devices.

iOS users can also use this app. However, the options are limited to Apple devices. If you are an iOS device owner, you can import, export, and transfer contacts with this app. It's not ideal, but these options are still handy.

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile is completely free to use. With the latest version of, you can access unlimited features this app has to offer. Smart Switch was developed by Samsung Electronics Co., LTD, and is maintained by the same team members.

What are the requirements if you wish to transfer files?

Android Users

  • Samsung Galaxy devices that have an android version 4.0 or higher and can access Wireless (Wi-Fi).
  • Samsung Galaxy devices with an Android version of 4.3 or higher can use this app with an OTG cable.

iOS Users

  • iOS needs to be 4.2.1 or higher. iCloud and Apple ID are also required in order to manage transfers.
  • iOS users need to have access to Smart Switch software or iTunes transfer.

How To Download Samsung Smart Switch?

  • Just go to Google Play Store.
  • Type Smart Switch in the search bar.
  • Click download.
  • Wait for the installation to finish.


  • Smooth interface.
  • Easy to use.
  • Does not need bandwidth if the user is not managing transfers.
  • Lightning transfers.


  • Minor bugs in the app that causes it to freeze from time to time.
  • No full iOS support.
  • OTG cable is required for Android devices that have a version of 4.3 or higher.
  • The app sometimes installs the same update over and over again.
  • Duplicate files transfer (occasionally).


How can I use this app to transfer my files?

- You can check out the full guide here

How about compatibility with my device?

- Smart Switch supports a lot of devices, however, you need to check individually if your phone is supported or not. You can verify your phone on this link

In which countries is Samsung Smart Switch available?

- Sadly, this app is only accessible to United State residents.

I don't need to transfer a particular piece of content, what should I do?

- Before transferring all of your files, you have the ability to deselect any file you wish not to transfer.

Can I minimize the Smart Switch app while transferring the files?

- Yes, you do not have to keep the app open during this procedure.