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Credit Karma, Inc.


Credit Karma score updates only happen once in every week.

Costumer's credit score isn't 100 percent reliable, which is known from Investopedia sources. The reason for that is that Credit Karma only uses 2 of the 3 main credit bureaus. Let me explain what I mean exactly.

If you made a transfer of your credit card balance to a card with a lower interest rate, the two bureaus will record the process as an opening of a new card, which has a balance and the other bureau will record this process as one card being closed during the transfer.


•Provides full information about reports, insights, and most importantly scores, which helps you understand your credit for your future successful business decisions.

•Doesn't need your credit card information, which is a big plus actually.

•Your customized service can be provided whenever you need it.

•Service provides full insights about your credit health for free.

•Basically guides you to get the information you need to take full control of your credit.


•Provides a comfortable design, helping you understand the inner mechanisms easily

•Is completely free (Personal financial events along with credit card reports and scores dealt for free)

•Consistent in terms of monitoring your financial reports about your credit card

•You can look up any details about the financial processes you need in the app

•As mentioned above doesn't need your credit card information

•Equifax service score availability


•Service being free is a big advantage over other apps that practically do the same kind of work.

•Reports, scores, and inner goings of the business world are provided by the app for free

•No need for credit card information.

•Shows certain steps and how these steps will affect you in terms of your credit score.

•Credit card score updates within the system, help you understand the financial details better.


•The updates of credit card scores only happen once every week.

•For people, who want to apply for credit in the near future this isn't actually a good situation to be in.

•That's why people have been asking for more timely updates.

•It doesn't use all the major credit card bureaus, which can cause some problems as we illustrated in the updates section.

•Advance steps about business insights, reports, and credit card scores ask you for money



Credit Karma app specializes in helping the client understand his/her own credit health, get knowledge about credit card reports, insights, and inner details about business for completely free.

The app obviously provides some useful features compared to other similar applications, but it also has some cons as we talked about before. Credit Karma app will benefit you most definitely with its' huge community of over 40 million people using it.

The only big disadvantage you can keep an eye on is its' updates system. Updating the scores once in a week can frighten you a bit at first, but other than that Credit Karma is a good app to use.