Flip Trickster

Flip Trickster
Author: Flip Trickster
Rating: Rated for Teen Suggestive Themes

Flip Trickster - Parkour Simulator

The Flip Trickster is a great app to feel the excitement and adrenaline rush of doing parkour. It’s a game where you can freely flip you character in the air and do crazy stunts that you wouldn't possibly think of trying in real life. It is game inspired by parkour and free running.

Graphics and Sound

The game is simple and fueled by the tricks that you can do with your character. There is not much focus on the improvement of the graphics as the background only have the basic shapes and did not get detailed as per their characteristics. It also has basic sound effects that doesn’t really awe players.

Controls 5/5

You can make your character jump, flip, and crash with only one finger. You just have to swipe or hold your fingers on the screen to make your character move.

Lasting Appeal 4/5

This game has realistic physics and will give results similar to that of real life. Every action that you make your character do will result to a realistic ending. It can crash and magnificently perform your flips and tricks. This feature will definitely pique the interest of players and will make them stay hooked on the app.


The app has 6 different stages with over 40 levels. It starts from easy to hilarious and impossible tricks. Considering the realistic physics that the game has, it can be considered as quite a challenging game.


Playing with Flip Trickster is a great way to have fun with your phone. It’s an awesome way of trying and having a go at a few parkour tricks and stunts without really exerting effort with you whole body. You can use it as a simulator to try out new tricks that you have yet to try for yourself.

Overall, it’s a fun game for parkour and non-parkour practitioners.

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