Author: Hole.io
Rating: Rated for Teen Violence, Blood


Hole.io is a game created by VooDoo which prompts players to eat everything in the city map through their hole characters. The hole gets bigger the more characters and buildings that they absorb.

Graphics and Sound 4/5

The game does not have any sound, but it keeps you hooked through its exciting gameplay. The graphics are well-designed. You can clearly see the building, the people, and the map adjustment as you play the game.

Controls 4/5

The hole is controlled by dragging your finger across the screen while aiming to absorb or eat the tenants or everything in the city map or game map.

Lasting Appeal 5/5

The game has a challenging format which starts with 7 players including you and 6 other AIs. You are ranked after each game according to the amount of things you have absorbed.

Difficulty 4/5

Hole.io is fairly challenging for players that they get hooked and addicted to playing the game. It poses different challenges with its different game options.


Hole.io is an exciting game of battle royale between black holes in a city. It is a challenging game with different options and players can play with their friends through Bluetooth. It’s quite addictive especially for players who wouldn’t let others aside from them to stand at the top.

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