Hello Cats

Hello Cats
Author: Hello Cats
Rating: Rated for Teen Violence, Blood

Hello Cats

Hello Cats is a puzzle game that revolves around players finding out different and logical ways to help the cat in its journey.

Graphics and Sound 4/5

The game has bright and colorful graphics. It also has just the right amount of music and sound effects. There are funny graphics that will leave you entertained for hours.

Controls 5/5

The app is played freely as you can draw or do anything on the stage with your fingers. There are instructions in different stages that will give you some clue as to what you can do.

Lasting Appeal 5/5

The game is a hit for cat lovers and puzzle lovers. It is the perfect way to play with a cat and at the same time, train your thinking skills.

Difficulty 5/5

The game is physics-based so it will really make you think of the right way to help the cat scientifically. If you don’t like Physics, you might find this game a bit hard. But if Physics is your favorite subject, then this will be a really fun game for you.


Hello Cats is an awesome physics-based game that will get you hooked for hours. It’s like studying or applying everything you learned in Physics but in a more fun and livelier way.

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